Sophia  Reuter









Sophia Reuter, born in Dresden, comes from a family with a long musical tradition. Her father Rolf Reuter is a conductor and grandfather Fritz Reuter was a composer.

At the age of 5 she began taking violin lessons from Prof. Klaus Hertel at the Leipzig music concservatory (Hochschule für Musik „Felix-Mendelssohn-Bartholdy“). Later she studied with Prof. Peter Tietze in Berlin

When only ten years old she was the youngest participant and prize winner at the Johann-Sebastian-Bach-competition in Leipzig. In 1988 she won first prize at the music competition in Weimar.

She had the opportunity to play for Yehudi Menuhin in 1989, who subsequently invited her to study at his academy in Switzerland.

From 1989 until 1993 she studied with Yehudi Menuhin and Alberto Lysy at the International Menuhin Music Academy in Gstaad. After her studies she continued participating in master classes with virtuosi like Ruggiero Ricci, Pierre Amoyal and Corrado Romano to name but a few. Since then she has performed in many of the major music centres in the world. Numerous tours have taken her to, amongst other countries, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, USA, South America and Asia.

Sophia, both playing the violin and viola, has participated in various chamber music festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Argentina and the far East, during which she had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Yehudi Menuhin, Nikita Magaloff, Igor Oistrach, Jean-Pierre Rampal and Peter Lukas Graf.

 She has been invited regularly to perform as soloist with symphony orchestras in Germany, Switzerland and South America. In Germany she has often performed under the baton of her father, Prof. Rolf Reuter.

Since 1997 Sophia has held a position as Professor at the International Menuhin Music Academy in Gstaad. Regularly she performed with the Camerata Lysy, the virtuosi ensemble of the Menuhin Academy. In 1998/99 she has also taught at the Mozarteums summer academy in Salzburg. Since 2002 she has been teaching at the BJSO Bavarian Music Academy in Hammelburg.

She did several CD recordings as well as Radio productions as violinist and violist (Dinemec, EMS, Naxos BR, SWR etc).

In 2001 she came back to Germany where she performs as soloist with orchestra as well as a chamber music player. She studied for two more years with Prof. Alfred Lipka in Berlin.

Together with her sisters Anna and Agnes they form the „Reuter-Trio“. They perform in Germany and other European Music centers.

Since 2005 she has been playing as a member of the Ensemble “Suoni d`arte”.

Several times she has been asked to play as a member at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

From 2003-2004 she lead the viola section at the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since January 2006 she has been playing as First leader of the viola section at the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra (Deutsche Oper am Rhein).