Débora  Halász

                                               piano & harpsichord




"I can't imagine a more powerful advocate for this music than Débora Halász. Her vivid pianism brings every note to life!"

The American Record Guide


"Here we have the first CD of a Serie that will make history. A composer of genius, an inspireted harpsichordist and an instrument with fabulous sound.  Débora Halász’ Intepretation is  a huge profit. Her technique, inspiration and inteligence in the phrasing and registering are notorious."  AST-Portugal











 Praised by critics in her debut recordings for BIS as "a superb virtuoso with a prodigious technique"(American Record Guide),the brazilian Débora Halász is an exponent of the South American pianists of her generation. Winner of the most important competitions in her native country,she gave her debut with the "Săo Paulo State Symphony Orchestra" at the age of fifteen. Four years later the 'Critics Prize'(APCA) nominated her as the best soloist of the year for her interpretation of Rachmaninov’s third piano concert and  the distinguished pianist Ingrid Haebler   appointed  her as one of the most promissing talents in the piano field. 

The complete recording of Heitor Villa-Lobos' piano music, an audacious project, was enthusiastically acclaimed by the international press as "the most successful account of Villa-Lobos on record" (Fanfare-USA.)  A guest by many European, South and North  American Music Festivals and Concert Series, with her husband she built 1993 the “Duo Halasz”, guitar and piano/harpsichord praised by the critic as “magnificent”, “an exciting team” and “a fascinating and  multifarious experience”. She has also been a partner by musicians as Lavard Skou Larsen, Sebastian Hess and Patrick Gallois. 

Her passion for the baroque music brought her to the search of an historical instrument that could aloud a huge variety of sounds and possibilities. She came to an instrument by Hieronymous Haas, who together with his son constituted the most important family of harpsichord  makers in Germany. The harpsichords of the Hass family are noted for their complex dispositions and are the only 18-th century instruments to include with any regularity a 16' register. Débora Halász plays an historic copy of a 1734 dated Haas instrument, specially made for her. On this instrument she begans to record 2003 the complete works for harpsichord by the portuguese baroque composer Carlos Seixas. This project in a total  of 5 CDs is an invitation of  the Record Company NAXOS in a co-production with the Bavarian Radio.

 "A prodigious technique...Débora Halász performances are superb!" American Record Guide  

"Débora Halász shows passionate involvement in every one of the pieces on this disc and her performance of the 16 minute long 'Amazonas' is an overwhelming experience."  Fanfare-USA

"Villa-Lobos' Musik stellt ein glückliches Beispiel für die Synthese brasilianischer und europäischer Musik dar. Durch die Hände der in Săo Paulo geborenen Pianistin ungarischer Herkunft Débora Halász, werden Rhythmik, Motorik, Dynamik plastisch hörbar."   KLASSIK  HEUTE-Germany